Uncorked exhaust tip or drill out end?

My new bike came with the uncorked tip [1and1\2inch hole] but i want to know if drilling out to 2 inches will give me more gains? :banghead:

Nope. I have an HRC tip and a wide open tip (no guts). The open tip is WAY louder but no faster. Sure sounds mean, tho.

Thanks mate thats good info.

I found the HRC tip to be better flowing than the stock drilled. My bike ran and performed better with it.

According to the guys that run dynos. They say a lot of harleys need the right amount of backpressure and will gain power ! Loud is not always better & eventually someone will hear you riding on their land and shut everyone down. Quieter = more riding .

I like them all! I use the HRC tip for back roads, the Baja Designs baffle in the HRC tip when I ride with people that like it quiet, and my favorite, the drilled out tip with the 2 inch hole and the forward baffle still attached, quiet and good performance for trail riding! :banghead:

is there a full HRC kit for uncording the BRP and not just a bunch of individual parts ?

I believe there is a kit, but it's A LOT cheaper if you do it your self. I think in total I spent about fifteen bucks on the jet kit, and did the rest of the work myself. I didn't have a hole saw that was the right size, so I just drilled a bunch of 1/8 inch holes around the core, and punched it out with a hammer and screw driver. Then I used a dremel to smoothe the perforated edge. It looks factory.

Just my two cents...


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