Pilot screw 1+1\2 turns best?

My new bike has been uncorked' jetted etc and some people say to play with the mixture screw to find the sweet spot. On my bike between 1\2 and 2and1\2 there seems to not be any difference. How many turns do you guys find is best on the stock carb? I know the book says 1+1\2. My bike has only 200klms on it and it seems to not have a clear sweet spot but this may be normal for this bike being a single cylinder big bore. I dont know. The standard 15\41 gearing does'nt help as its always chugging in low gear. :banghead::applause:

Mine might have been wierd from previous owner . But my best setting was about only a 1/4 turn out . Go figure . :banghead:

That's really tall gearing, I run 15/45 and it's about as tall as I could see using unless you ride 85 mph all the time, I have a 75 pilot jet and 3-1/2 turns out on the mixture screew and it runs pretty smooth low down, Altitude 1100 Ft.

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