Help identifying XR500 or XR600

There is a used "XR500" at the dealer that I am looking at. They have it marked as an 86 but the sales guys said based on VIN it is a 87. Well after some reasearch I don't think it is an XR500 but a XR600 due to year and how the side plastics clip on. It does have a XR500 seat on it, but that could have just been a cheap repleacement.

Are there some things to look for to confirm what the bike is or isn't. It has a white frame and white plastics. Motor is painted black, side plastics have the metal twist locks. Front disk brake, rear drum.

Any ideas.

You should be able to find the engine displacement stamped at the base of the cylinder, for XR 600 it should read 591cc. (Don't remember which side of the cylinder though...)


Thanks I will look on Tuesday when they open

can you post the vin?

I will get it Tuesday, do not have it. They have it marked as and 86 500, but the sales guy was looking at the vin chart and said it was a 87, will get it from them and post here to confim.

last year of the xr500 was 1984

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