hyd. clutch, fastway peg ??

does any one use that magura hyd clutch? if it is so much better, than why don't the pro's use it? i was thinking of getting one. my 02 yz426 gets quite harder to pull later in a moto.

also how low can u lower those fastway f3 pegs? i am 6'2 and was thinking about getting a taller seat or those pegs. the pegs u can transfer bike to bike though...?

I have a magura on my 426...Compared to my cousins stock CRF450 clutch pull, it is still heavier....I think it isnt worth it for the price you pay...I also has a leak in my system and had to have the slave cylinder replaced ($60). However, Ive never pulled a stock 426 clutch w/ cable

I also just got some IMS pro pegs...Not bad for 85 bucks...I duumped it hard last weekend and the mounts on frame bent back-pegs didnt budge

that's what i was comparing the clutch pull to also. the honda's are unbelieveable. i was hoping the hyd clutch would help

To lower the pegs you just put the collars on the top instead of the bottom. They can be changed between bikes with different collars. I am 6'3" and I run the fastways with a SDG tall seat and like it. They only problem with the fastway pegs is they get slick when it is muddy.

footpeg mod oops....

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