Check Out My Street Legal YZ!

Nice except for the "Hotwheels"crap. Really nice though. What stator are you using?? I am looking into doing my 01 426. Looks like you are using an add on one. Do you find it hard to shift with it sticking out so much?

Very nice :banghead: And I like the "Hotwheels" crap.... great bike :applause:

Very nice. Looks great!

Looks good. The "Hotwheels crap" doesn't look bad to me. That thing looks like it's well kept, it almost looks new....:banghead:

looks nice... :banghead:

Looks great, Im currently looking for a bike to do the same thing to...

What stator, headlight, and tailight did you use..?? :banghead:

Looks awesome! Good job!

If I had that bike I could never use it as a commuter......I would NEVER get where I was going! I would be off road WAY to much...and probably get in trouble! :banghead:

I too like the Hot-Wheels graphics. I was skeptical to say the least about these when I was shopping for them, but theyre now on my list of possibilities if I decide to change them again. Besides the graphics, youve done a sweet job with everything else. Very good attention to detail!

No need to comment. You know that bike is sweet. :banghead:

The bike looks awesome except for the head light, license plate, and the other street stuff. I'd go totally dirt. Other than the street stuff, the bike is smokin hot!!!!

You could also try some Supermoto tires.


No wiser words have come from a cartoon than Cartman on South Park.....Sweeeeeeeeet!

Nice work. :banghead:

Do you have a kickstand for it? How do the cops like it?

This bike is awesome... I love it. I want to do that with my 426, but Im scared of the costs.

I do, Promoto Kickit, and the cops dig it!

totally sweet picS!

how much total did it cost you to do that??:thumbsup:

Wow, I like it, nice job!:thumbsup:

old thread YZ426FROCKS has not posted in a year:excuseme:

The newbies strike again. :thumbsup: others have said, SWEET ! :thumbsup:

Curious though, what sort of theft deterrent have you installed ?

You may not want to answer, but I hope you are at least thinking / thought about it.

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