This is for all you that talk about all those mods you do... All the money you spend... I mod my own, weld my own, wrench my own...

I laugh when I think how much I saved and still out there tearing it up...

Traded some welding work for the bike. 84 XL600R... Put $40 in a pulse generator, put the front-end & wheels I had here that I got free a while back... and $20 in paint...

That is a total of $60 & some work...

The Frankenthumper:





Well, I guess you can say transportation comes in many forms. Didn't know you could use Quad bars turned upside down and backwards for a cafe-type racer, or XL moto, or whatever you call that...dare I say it...Honda. :banghead:


I guess you really get what you pay for

If you have a bike that looks like that . Than you ARE red neck

Oh man, that thing is awesome! This is the funniest damn thing I've seen here in a long time---you gotta put that in the pictures forum! I actually did "Laugh Out Loud!" :banghead::applause::lol:

wow.....thats all i have to say

One mans trash is another mans treasure. I guess I might give you $60 for it if it runs. Damn, that has to be the ugliest bike I've ever seen. It is unique. :banghead:

$20 bucks for paint huh.....

Yes you certainly do get what you pay for.

:banghead: Still laughing about this one. Those bars!! hahahaah! MadMax, eat your heart out! :applause:

It runs great!

I haven't figured out if I like the bars or not, I just threw them on to try them... Because the stem was custom made to make it fit, the nut is in the way of the stock bars so I use some old risers and fliped the bars... I'm going to run them a while then try some drag bars, then maybe some with a little rise to them...

Not totaly redneck, just not into all the bling, bling... and not competing with the Jones'... I build what I ride & I ride what I build...

At least I'm not bitchin about what exhaust is or isn't gay, I wouldn't know...

Seen my other bikes? Look in my photo albums here:

If I have to explain, you won't undestand!

I don't know why, buy I like it. It kinda makes me wanna go out and build something.

I give you an A for individuality. That sure is not a cookie cutter bike! :banghead:

you should make a true cafe racer with that engine.

It would be awesome.

I once looked at my ash-hole in the mirror....

that things ugly beyond mere words...Damnnnnnnnnnnn

I'd hate to be passed by you, I could never look at my shiny red version with the same pride. :banghead:

So it runs and get you around and the price was right. I road a friends TT that he "cafe'd" some years back and it was a lot of fun. The colors are the only thing that gets me. Flat black would look cool, but that is just me.

I give you an A for Atrocious.

However, for the money I'd say worth it.

Those bars look dangerous. Would hate to get thrown over the front.

Say goodbye to your little friends. :banghead:

It needs a BIG Gun, Rocket launcher, and a computer control panel, to go with the color and rear fender. :lol:

The Mad Max Spikes on the front axle gives it that, "Made for the 'B' Movies" look. It's cool, fun and off the norm, I like it.

:lol: That is what all the old "L's" are good for. :lol:

Man what is wrong with me? I had to go there didn't I. I should be ashamed of myself. :applause::lol::banghead:

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