Great job for the $ . I'd ride it and put some shining heeps to shame ! Where did you get the upside downs for the 'new jack" ? Keep up the imagination !!!

Oh god I almost pissed my droors.......shoot it before it spreads......... :banghead:

try riding that on the streets of cali and you'd be stopped by every cop you saw!

That said i like it but would really like it in flat black. good work

I saw that bike in the Road Warrior. You gotta go bigger! See Linky below.


The sissy had training wheels !

thats the worst thing i have ever seen, you shouldent be proud of that piece

I decided to cross-contaminate, I mean pollinate this thread with the POS THREAD . :banghead::applause::lol:

DUDE that thing is bitchen best paint job ever i wish i had only to match my urban camo

This is for all you that talk about all those mods you do... All the money you spend... I mod my own, weld my own, wrench my own...

I laugh when I think how much I saved and still out there tearing it up...

Traded some welding work for the bike. 84 XL600R... Put $40 in a pulse generator, put the front-end & wheels I had here that I got free a while back... and $20 in paint...

That is a total of $60 & some work...

The Frankenthumper:





F*** those guys! That's a cool bike!

F*** those guys! That's a cool bike!

Pack another one bud......... :banghead:

It's official name is:

ReMoTaRdEd ReDnEcK FrAnKeNtHuMpEr!

Me & the kids Had fun painting it...

Thanks for the POS nomination! It used to qualify, However, not sure anymore??

No matter what it looks like, It normaly fires up the first kick & hasn't left me stranded anywhere...

Shooooooooooot this thing looks like it's been in a terrible fire

I have an ugly Bike it's a 2003 Xr400 and has been through hell and back I try to make it nice looking but no luck but it's like old faithful starts everytime ride anywhere nice bike man just kidding about the fire :banghead:


I roared when I saw that! I love it! :bonk::cry::cry::lol:


I'd ride that thing to church! :applause:

What's with the handlebars?

Why paint the engine?

I like the rear fender though.

There's a lot to be said for a bike thats all business and no looks at all.

Why ask why? :bonk:

Some things just need to be done.

I remember once when Bill Nye, The Science Guy grew grass on a car. Only places uncovered in turf were the windows. Right on. :applause:

I once looked at my ash-hole in the mirror....

that things ugly beyond mere words...Damnnnnnnnnnnn

Now that was almost funnier than that bike. I can't stop laughing...your killin' me!!!

You must be very proud.Did it hurt?

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