Gas Tank Woes-YZ426F

All right I pull back to the pits after the last moto of the day, shut down and notice a strong fuel odor. Get off the bike and notice fuel dripping rapidly from the tank area onto the hot engine. A quick inspection of fuel lines, carb, etc. revels nothing. Pull the seat and lo and behold the tanks is cracked near the front of the seat on the left lower corner Never had this happen and all of my buddies were like me Anyway I am now in need of a new fuel tank. Does any body have any suggestions where to find an OEM or same capicity replacement? Thanks

actually the 426's had a reputation of cracking tanks in the same area yours is leaking (by the tank/subframe mounting area).

Go with a Clarke or get an OE on ebay. But....a used one may be close to cracking as well.

I had my tank crack on the right side, fortunately I have a plastic welder.

Just noticed you live in Texas what part?

Maybe I can help

Hey Matt116,

Did the plastic welding repair work. I may have access to one.


Yea, I've got about 3 months on my fix and it's right where my knee rubs the tank.

I must have looked at stach0922 post when I posted about living in TX. :banghead:

Thanks Matt and to all of the other replies. This place is always helpful.

Today I Took A Heat Gun To Prepare My Yz426f Plastic Gas Tank For An Epoxy Repair And Discovered If Heated Sufficiently The Plastic Will Become Pliable. I Took A Flat Head Screwdriver And "pulled" Some Plastic Over The 2 Cracks At The Bottom Of The Tank. I Then Waited A Bit For It To Cool Then Filled Her Up And Leaks. I Haven't Ridden Yet So Don't Know How It Will Hold Up. I've Been Told Not Bother Trying To Fix These Tanks But If This Works It'll Save Almost $200. Good Luck .....paul

A few people here in Australia had the same problem ( cracking under the seat there the seat hooks into) and ended up talking to the local dealers saying that Yamaha have been replacing them for free.

Dealer usually doesn't know but those that got new tanks made the dealer call Yamaha Co. and have been getting told that they will replace them free of charge.

Worth putting some pressure on the local dealer for a new tank.

There are a couple on e-bay right now, just punch in yz426f.


thats crazy when I had my 2000 yz426 i had a crack right at the threads where the gas cap goes....the scary thing about it was it sat while this happened. I put her to bed one night then 2 weeks later woke her up and she was leaking....

Id bet more of those tanks cracked than not. Mine and everybody I knew that had a 426 had the tank crack. The Clark is a decent tank and the color is dead nuts perfect. I wouldnt buy another OEM tank, it'll just crack too eventually...

This is realy common with the YZ426F. When I bought mine cheap it had a couple of cracks in the tank. It had been poly welded but the poly welder did a crap job and the poly that was used was able to be peeled out by hand. Once I had done this I got my soldering iron and ran a groove down the cracks, I then managed to find some similar plastic and used the soldering iron to melt into and all around the grooves. No more leaks. The sad thing about these tanks is that they are porous and left with fuel in for long periods can work its way through the tank anyway and discolour them.

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