Scotts SUB Mount Conversion

I want my bars a bit higher, and I'm tired of worrying about killing myself on my damper, so I'm going to convert my standard, above-the-bars Scotts Damper mount to a BRP SUB Mount. I think I can do it for under $150 with the hardware I already have. I should only need the new risers, clamp, SUB mount hardware, and the Scotts arm puller. I know a thread like this was circulating a few weeks ago, but I don't think anyone has found out what it entails. Since it looks like I'll be the first, I'll let y'all know how it works out and for how much :banghead: ...SC

I'm still unsure whether the damper mounts to the risers or the top clamp on the sub mount setup. You may not need a new top clamp if you already have an aftermarket clamp.

Let us know though, cause it's on my list of things to do.

The bottom portion of the risers is a "U" shaped deal and the damper mounts inside the "U" rather than directly to the triple clamp. The risers are then tall enough to allow the mounting of the bars above the damper. I want BRP's SX barclamp, which is a single piece encompassing both top riser clamps, so it will be a bomb-proof setup. It may be a little more $$$, but I want a solid handle bar setup...SC

Here's a rough little line drawing of how the thing works...SC


Clark; I HAVE the sub mount for the WR. AFAIK I got the first one out of the factory last spring... I can post some photos of it later this week if you need them.

Clark- I too have the SUB MOUNT system from BRP and I do dig it!! It brings the ride position up to a more comfortable level and the Scotts unit mounts reverse from where is sits if you mount it in the traditional manner. I find that the Scotts unit is out of the way and I have not had an issue with it at all. I bought the whole set up though from top triple clamp with built in risers and the Scotts unit.

Mine is on the way, should be here Wednesday. I'm also waiting on Racetech to send me some new springs that have been on backorder, but should arrive this week as well. Once I have all the parts, I've got a full Sunday planned of front end work...SC

For those who care, the entire thing shipped to me was $265. I needed to add a new bolt-on tower ($80) and damper arm puller ($13). I also went with the one-piece SX barclamp which added another $20. So much for my $150 estimate :banghead:. If you have a weld-on tower, you can do it for quite a bit cheaper, but you do need to do a little fabricating to shorten it so the pin will work with the lowered damper arm...SC

Hey, I am currently looking at the brp sub mount myself, seems to make alot of sense to me, and you can put on a bar pad. The only other thing it doesnt do is the hand guard bar :banghead: connections to the front of the bar clamp. Good luck Ken

Did the SUB mount today as well as regreasing my head bearings. It was very straight forward and about a two wrench difficulty rating. I highly recommend it over the original Scotts over-the-bar mount.

In regard to the grease in the bearings issue, I had plenty of factory-installed grease in there, but I cleaned it all out and packed in some Bel-Ray waterproof grease just for :banghead: and grins. Next stop is the swingarm linkage, but I'm in no rush...SC

How did you end up securing the tower for the scotts around the steering head? Just the slip fit?

Mine came loose once; so I drilled it for 4 set screws, and used some red loctite as well. Hopefully it won't come loose again.

FWIW, if anyone is looking to do this; I have a nearly new BRP triple clamp from my 04 WR450 that wouldn't transfer to the 05 (has different forks). I'd sell it for a good price. :-) Fits YZ's and WR's.

I tack weld the tower once I get it centered, which is a freakin' bitch to get perfect! :banghead: ...SC

Aaaah; I thought about that; but didn't want it to be permanent. Hopefully the setscrews work out well.

My last tower was tack welded and took about 5 minutes with a Dremel to remove. No big deal...SC

Cool, good to know.

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