New toys!

Picked up two bikes yesterday... an '02 YZ426 for me and a '98 YZ400 for my brother. The 426 has a White Brothers R4, Excel Rims, and suspension work (BG3 or something like that), the 400 is pretty much stock. Got both for 5 grand, $2900/$2100... Good deal on the '02, average deal on the '98... but I didn't want to wait until next summer for the prices to hit bottom again so I jumped on the first reasonable bikes I could because prices are already climbing with desert season right around the corner.

Anyway, these are the first bikes I have ever owned and it will certainly take some time to get comfortable on 2 wheels (I've always ridden quads). I only crashed once today and I have a couple nice bumps on my knee and ankle to show for it. I did have some very close calls on top of the one crash though...

We'll be heading out next Sunday for round 2!

~ Russ

Right on sounds like you and your bro will be havin a blast. Do they have the auto decompression mod?

No auto-decompression... yet. Haven't had any trouble using the "routine". More often than not, they start on the 1st kick.

Sweet! Welcome to the party! :banghead: Keep it tuned right here for all the info you'll ever need on your new rides.

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