Braking's dual piston rear caliper...

Anyone tried one? Want to know how much better it is than stock. My 450X's rear does squat!!!! Is the caliper worth it?

I use the singel piston Braking on my CRF and have had the Braking dual Piston caliper on my WR426 Street Supermoto for about 4 years now.

I think they are both bitchen and much better than stock when used with the Braking (rear) rotors as well.

I can tell you that the original version of the single piston rear caliper will hold up to racing abuse but it definately needs a fresh fluid flush regularly, I have boiled it and lost rear brake completely.

The new improved single piston unit has a larger piston to eliminate this issue supposedly but I have yet to try one.

Anyway, both units outperform stock and are worth every penny in my opinion.

Also if you get one, make sure you get the carbon metallic pads they offer, they dont last quite as long but they have a lot better feel, and dont change feel during a race, they are also worth every penny. :banghead:

Is it hard to find brake pads for the dual piston caliper? or can they use the stock pads from my bike. I live in ontario and I don't want to have pads shipped every time I need them. And will it work with the stock rotor? Thanks for the info

Yeah bro I am not sure about the dual piston caliper (for the CRF) again because I have not tried it yet, the single piston caliper I have I have never had problems getting pads for.

I tend to order 2 or 3 sets at a time because "it's better to be looking at them than looking for them", and while they cost about $30.00 a set they also cost like $10.00 to ship them, so I figure spend the money now and have a couple extra sets, save on shipping later by getting a few sets at once.

Yes you can use your stock rotor, but remember, the pads are bigger, the contact patch is bigger so a lot more heat is generated and it may warp sooner. Use it until it warps then buy a rotor.

Cool man... Thanks

Post up a pic please?

Never seen one of these and it sounds trick!!!

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