??yz426 clutch??

The clutch on my 2001 426,

Is acting jecky/twitchy when I let it out,it seems to only happen at the first ride of the day.

What is this a indicition of ?

Oil is always fresh.


I have an 00 426 (No mods to the clutch) Mine does the same thing. Very jerky/grabby after you just start it and take off. After the bike gets warmed up/hot, it is fine. I just chalked it up to it takes a while to get the clutch warmed up and get the oil circulating. There are many mods out there you can search for to make the clutch work much much better. I am used to mine and don't have any issues on the MX track but it is a little cumbersome & tricky in the woods. Nothing I can't live with...

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