06 WR450 mods

just bought an 06, got it street legal in california. I've been hearing about these free mods what can be done to an 06 to open it up. new to the whole four stroke deal.


Check this link out. Its aimed at the WR/YZ 250's, but 99% of the mods work with the 450's. They also update it with the new model year mods. When I first bought my 426 I was somewhat dissapointed. I was expecting a lot more. But then I did some of the mod's and its a whole new bike. You will probably hear a lot about the gray wire. Because the WR's have to pass sound tests, the gray wire remaps the ignition timing. the upper 2/3 rd RPM range is retarted by 30 degrees. The YZ dosent have that. One other thing is that the Throttle stop is only able to be pulled back 3/4 the way. When I ground down the throttle stop, and pulled the gray wire it was an animal.

I just bought the WR450 AIS removal kit from Yamaha: part #GYT-5TJ93-69.

It includes the items necessary to remove the AIS parts on the WR, as well as new main jet and needle, and a YZ throttle screw. To Yamaha's credit, the instructions included with this kit also detail the other mods necessary to make the bike run to it's full potential...like airbox, grey wire, and removal of the peashooter from the exhaust tip. Of course they are very careful to specify that these modifications are for closed course race use only (wink, wink). I'm not too worried about that here in Missouri (my bike is also tagged), but I don't know about California.

There is also an AIS removal kit available from the TT store...I don't know if it includes the jets, YZ screw, and instructions for the other mods as well. I bought the Yamaha kit because my dealer had it in stock.

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