Clutch question

Its an XL, but hey.

My clutch doesn't engage until the lever is almost the whole way out. Shouldn't it start engaging sooner, say about when the lever is about halfway out? I have tried adjusting the cable and freeplay and it doesn't seem to affect it. And its not slipping at all.

Is this normal or a sign of worn discs maybe? Is there an internal adjustment? Any help is appreciated.

The clutch is on it's way out. I'd replace it before it just goes out on you. My friend has been riding an xr250 like that for a year and it hasn't gone yet. However, a 650 will eat a clutch much quicker.

Thanks Tim

No problem. Make sure when you get a new one you have proper tension. Adjust the tension in the lower adjuster and make fine tuning adjustments at the perch. Make sure you have enough slack in the clutch to hold a nickel between the lever and perch opening, about 1/8".

I haven't used any but OEM, but I can tell you the kit in the link is a lot cheaper than Honda parts. I'm replacing mine in my 650L and it cost about $120 for plates and a gasket. I just like OEM parts, so it's worth it to me.

Depending on what you do I'd go with a Heavy duty clutch. I like the Barnett Dirt diggers WITH Xr's only HD springs. The XR's only springs are heavy duty but don't have that aggressive pull and release like barnetts do. The barnett springs tend to give armpump quick. Springs are about 17.95 and the barnett kit is around $100 or so. The problem with these bikes really isn't the plates but the springs. They wear to fast, IMO. HD springs are a must.

I looked at OEM prices. It would cost more for the 7 discs than it would for aftermarket discs, plates, and springs. The bike is an 84 XL600R and I can't find a match for the Barnett kit. :applause:

I might have to try the EBC kit I posted a link to if there aren't any other options.

Thanks :banghead:

Try Rocky Mountain - it looks like they would run about 63.00 for ebc kit springs included.

:applause: My 1993 XR650l with 3000miles on it did the same thing. Put new plates and friction disc and still does it, but improved by about a third. Therefore, you boys have enlightened me to the fact that it must be the springs. The way the lever arm goes in the case, it's almost impossible to put that piece in wrong,,,,almost thought someone left something out to make the push rod shorter. I'm learning thanks to you guys :banghead:

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