Rekluse Challanges, TOP URGENT!, Re: 04 WR 450

Yea, after many questions and research I went for the Rekluse. I got it through TT but talked directly with the Rekluse tech guys when it came. He mentioned that I may be able to get by with the stock cable when using the perch adjuster. Not the case. There is nothing sticking out the bottom of the cable and all slack is out. Rekluse guy's are not in yet (it's 10:30 eastern now) and I need to order a longer cable. The clutch actuating lever just moves back and forth with no resistance how do you know where it should be positioned when installing the cable. It's not like the stock clutch where you feel resistance from the springs on the pressure plate. I'm riding a 300 mile dual sport this weekend and I'm getting a little nervous. :banghead:

Thanks Guys.

The stock cable worked great on my 02 426. I'm sure you will hear from Indy or NC MTman as they are experts using Rekluse on the 450.

Thanks, Is the clutch acturator lever suppose to move back and forth with no resistance?

I installed one on my buddies 04 WR 450, and used the stock cable. I may not be understanding you correctly, but if the clutch lever had no resistance wouldnt you need to tighten it up? It feels a little different, but you should still feel the resistance, (engage-disengage). Good luck.

Thanks, Is the clutch acturator lever suppose to move back and forth with no resistance?

The instructions say you should be able to pull in the lever with no resistance and that's how mine feels, almost like it's broken. The only time I feel resistance is when the bike is running at at least 1000 RPMs or so.

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