Replacing Rear Spring on 05' WR450

I have a new Racetech spring for my rear that I have been holding off on putting in (the front springs are fine according to the Racetech site). After riding the yesterday I decided it's finally time to get the old spring out and the new one in. How difficult is this job? Looking at the manual it looks like quite a process but looking at the bike it almost seems that you could pull the spring out the bottom without having to remove anything except the very bottom of the shock. Is that possible or do you need to remove the entire shock absorber? If so I think I will bring it to the shop and have them do it. Thanks.


I replaced mine without taking off the shock. After disassembling the linkage and the bottom of the shock you have to move the swingarm up a little to get it to the right angle and the spring will slide out. Cycle it up and down until you find the right angle.

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