free or cheap mods for 98 wr400f

looking for a list of cheap or free mod for my 1998 yamaha wr400f let me know what mod you have done at:

john m holland

Try the search feature "free mods" in this forum. Pull up a seat and take notes.

Best mod I made to my 2000 wr 400 wasn't free but changing the seat and tank to the yzf style WOW! Move your rear tire all the way forward. Free advice someone gave me when I asked the same question. "Get a strong Visa card"

I don't know if the 98' American models had a grey wire but it's worth looking into and if it it has one, cut it. It probably has a throttle stop that can be filed down for more throttle travel.

If it is a Canadian model, those restrictions won't exist. Alot of us up here in Washington State buy them across the border in Canada. Our dollar goes alot farther and the bikes are not subject to all of the US limitations on off-road bikes.

I've got a great article in one of my old bike magazines. I'll find it and scan it for you. Give me a day or two.

Covers grey wire, baffle, air box and cam timing.

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