How much weight gain?

I've had my 01 426 for two years now, do mostly woods riding. Rarely stall the thing but it does happen once or twice in a days riding. Want to get into hare scrambles so stalling isn't good. Looking at getting a Steahly flywheel.

How light of a flywheel can I go with to help the motor tractor along without giving up to much of the hit?

I've ridden a new crf450X, pulls strong but doesn't have the same throttle snap of the 426. I'm looking for something in between the two.

Any added flywheel weight will take away some of the hit. Have you thought about an auto clutch? It will make your bike more tractable, it will never stall, and you can keep all the snap too.

Tried the rekluse on a friends KTM, nice but not for me. The weight of the rekluse clutch has the same affect as adding a flywheel weight. Just trying to find a balance of a little extra inertia to keep it running with out adding to much weight for the fast spin up.

Also, think about the 450 cm mod...since I put the auto-decompressor hot cam in my 426, I haven't stalled it once!

anyone with flywheel weight experience on the 426?

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