Red excell rims

I love the look of the red excel rims but a buddy said they fade quickly in the sun and lose thier color. Well, everything fades in the sun but have any of you bought these and like/dislike them (based on color)..?

Has excel remedied these if the early ones faded?

Thanx for the info...

The Red ones I had faded faster then the Black or Gold. The Black shows scratches way faster and the Gold shows them the least after the silver. Eagles rims are cheaper and just as strong and the only rims with an unconditional one year replacement. I have an eagle front now, in black.

I use plastic rim guards when changing the tires to help stop the scratches. I bought a bunch of them from Chaparral and have them in the tool box, trailer, shop.


Rad carries the Eagle rim and I use there Hubs in red.

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