Replacement Starter Button

I have broken my e-start button and want to replace it. I have read a lot of threads about replacing it with a better built kill switch. Someone said they used a Yamaha ATV kill switch that plugged right in to the conector. The Question is what Yam ATV kill switch do I order? :banghead::lol:

thanks :applause:

ANy two wire switch will work, just clip the connectors off of your existing switch and solder or butt connect them to the new switch.

I don't know of a "better" switch but you can certainly find a cheaper one than the OEM and make it work.

Good luck! :banghead:

Actually, I went to replace my kill switch once and the parts dumbf%@! at my local shop told me that it was the same as the Yamaha ATV switches and that pretty much all Yamaha OHV's have the same kill and start switch. I do know that your start and kill switch are interchangeable and that the only diff is the color of the button. I went to "Bent Bike" and bought the same type of kill switch that is on my 99' 400 for $6 and it has performed great for nearly two years. However, when my start button broke I went with the OEM, can't remeber how much it was but I'm sure itr was in the neighborhood of $30........... :banghead:

Do not use just any 2 wire switch, Do not use a switch that one if the wires goes to ground on the handle bar. I think the previous post was thinking about a factory type of 2 wire kill switch that does not use the handle bar as a ground. When in doubt ask your dealer. :banghead:

BEAN is right, except about asking the dealer, (especially if it's anything like my local Yamaha shop), make sure that both wires run into the switch/button versus one of the two wires going to ground on the switch clamp and that the other ends can be adapted to plug into your factory wiring.

I hate bike shops, ESPECIALLY PARTS GUYS THAT HAVE THEIR HEADS UP THEIR A@&. Sorry but they have cost me more headaches than money :applause:

Good clarification BEAN :banghead:

buy a drz400 starter button! they last.

The only one that uses a ground on the handlebars is Honda, as far as I know. I replaced both my switches on my 05 with a generic 2 wire from MOOSE. It is the same as what comes stock on the DRZ's and KTM's. Much better quality then the Yamaha switches. :banghead:

I replaced both my starter and kill switch with the larger YZ250 switches. Cut and solder the new wire connections and it has been on there for 2 years without any problems. Those stock buttons are a joke! :banghead:

like Indy said, that's what I did, except I backed out the wires and put them in the correct harness so everything plugged back up. I was lucky enough to find one used from a friend that was parting out a bike. Good luck.

I got my YZ 250 kill switch and it works great. The connectors are slighly differnet but the wires will back right out of the connector when you push the little release inside. I put gray duct tape over the red part so there is not on upside down engine stop on it. :lol::banghead::banghead:

That is what I have been using for over a year now without issues. :banghead:

My option was to cut the connector from my old starter switch, add quick disconnects to it, buy a Honda CRF450X switch (I know, I know), cut the Honda connector off, add quick disconnects to the Honda switch and then mate the two together. It's been an awesome setup. I used to bust the stock WR switch on every other crash, but the Honda button hasn't given me one ounce of grief in probably about a year.

vorra65 - nice ava :banghead:

OK Who is "Moose" and "Bent Bike" and how do I get parts from them???

After my stock starter button failed, the only button I could find in stock locally was a TTR button, it's been on there for about a year with no problems. The connector was a little different so I backed the pins out of the new connector and used the old connectors, no soldering.

I've had 2 go south on me. so i went with a moose kill switch.seems to work much better now.

04 wr450

04 crf150


I chose to replace mine with the switch housing from a TTR250.

I eliminated the stupid pushbutton on/off switch on the triple tree and the clutch side kill switch with this setup and combined it with the start switch. Now I have the ability to start the bike and kill it with my right thumb. I put an indicator light on my homemade TrailTech mount so that I know when the run/stop switch is on and won't run the battery down.

It required some minor cutting and soldering, but it was easy and the housing looks like it came from the factory this way. :applause:

wow i like that setup cycle. think i might have to rethink what i have going on.can you tell me what year i can use. or doesn't it matter? thx

04 WR450

04 crf150


wow i like that setup cycle. think i might have to rethink what i have going on.can you tell me what year i can use. or doesn't it matter?:
The TTR switch hasn't changed since 1999. :thumbsup:

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