Just finished DIY carb mod!

So far I've got de-smog, Twin-Air filter, removed air-snorkel, and the carb mod! :banghead:

I went with K55/158 and a .024" shim. Fuel screw out 2 1/4. I just took the bike for a quick spin and once it got warmed up it pulls much harder!

I've heard people can do wheelies in 2nd from 1/4 throttle without using the clutch or any tricks...I can't. Is it common to be able to get the front wheel off the ground? Or are those guys running different sprockets?

Or, do I need to play around with the fuel screw? Bike took a little coaxing to get started, does that mean it's still on the lean side (I should I turn it out another 1/4), or could that just be cause the carb was out?

I want rolling wheelies in 2nd!!!! What size sprocket should I get? I rarely go on the highway and 70-75mph tops is fine.

WOOHOO! :applause:

Stock gearing, you should be able to get the front end up by riding in 2nd, moderate pace, lean fwds, chop the throttle, whack it and pull back on the bars.

gearing? What'll you be doing with it?


I'll be putting street tires on my stock wheels and never taking it off road...I'll be commuting to and from school, lots of stop lights and stop signs, average speeds of 45mph.

I also did the Dave carb mod.

Hi Dave!

I have 16/45 gearing and street tires, and can pull the wheel up in second without the clutch. Thats with a big tube header, E-series straight through turndown tip (no discs), hotcams stage 1, snorkel out, ported left side cover and K&N filter. Jets are 55 short pilot, 175 main and 55k needle shim. :applause:

Once you uncork these babies, there is no going back! :banghead:

i have stock gearing and with the clutch can get it up in fifth

i have stock gearing and with the clutch can get it up in fifth

Your clutch called, and said to PLEASE, OH PLEASE, STOP THE TORTURE!


5th. How much Viagra are you putting in that thing?

Nope, definately can't get the front up in 2nd unless I pull really hard, even then I can't get it very high, but that's probably due to my lack of skill in that area. I was expecting rolling wheelies in 2nd, kinda disappointed...what should I be looking for when I tune the bike (adjust the fuel mixture screw)? How do I know when it's just right?

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