buying a 2000 xr650

I am looking at a used 2000 xr650. should I shy away from a 2000 and try to pick up another year or two newer bike? any real problems with the 2000. the bike looks in good shape and has some extras. protapers, white brothers exhaust, src fork brace and guards(any problems with having the brace on), strengthened sub frame, rear rack. it is in decent shape.

What should I pay? they are asking $2695. i don't think I would give them over $2400.


I know a few people that ride 2000 and 2001 650R's and haven't experienced the problems associated with the early models. If the bike looks like it has been well maintained I think it would easily be worth $2400. If you pick it up be sure to post pics asap!

The 2000 XR650R is EXACTLY the same bike as the 2006 with 2 exceptions: the clutch hub bushing has extra oil holes for improved lubrication (when the clutch is held disengaged) and an improved countershaft seal. Both parts are inexpensive and direct replacements for the original. Prices are very soft on these bikes in my part of the country. I picked up mine for 2k with very low hours in nice condition. The guy had been trying to sell it for months starting at $3200. He finally got fed up and just wanted it gone=my score. A hell of a lot of bike for the money! Your seller may feel the same, lowball them if you like the bike; you may be surprised at what they will take for it.

Ditto........ same bike just replace the countershaft $13.00 it now and :applause: ................ :banghead:

I've got the 2000 model, bought it with low miles (still had the nibs on the tires), and have had no problems with it. I bought the clutch bushing, but due to laziness, have not yet replaced it. I plated mine and have about 1200 miles on it now. Since it has not been a problem, I probably won't replace it. I figure it's worn enough that it won't be a problem. I will be adding the extra clutch plate soon, and switching to Mobil 1 full synthetic. If the bike is in good condition, and the price is right, buy it. You won't be sorry.

Winkel :banghead:

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