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Eagle Creek Harescramble For Old Times Sake

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Here's one for all the "won't ride old Eagle Creek" racers. October 16, 2005

Where else in Kentucky do you race? Why don't they put on a "sanctioned" race? Where are the promotions? OK, Mid South has a couple, but you have to travel several states. GNCC, 1 race a year. Then what?

Eagle Creek at least puts on races monthly, no matter what the turnout. I've read about and talked with riders who haven't been there in years comment about the conditions. Where do they get their information? I've read about and talked with riders who say it's to gnarly. What do they want, S-tree level? I've read about and talked with guys who don't care for "old man Jim". Since when will you be going handlebar to handlebar with him? I've read about and talked with riders who complain about single line starts. Didn't find out if they won though. They didn't say and I didn't ask, why rub it in. Can you beat Marty Michaels? Can you beat Mike Monnig? Sign up for the 'A' class.

Here's a deal for you. If you haven't raced at Eagle Creek this year, and you win your class, except for the 'C' classes, I'll reimburse your entry fee. On the spot. Bring your buddies and they can have a chance at a set of new tires. How's that for a deal? I don't own the place. I don't promote the races. I ride there and I appreciate the fact that the Darlingtons give to the racers the only 'sanctioned AMA District 10' harescrambles in Kentucky. My only request is that you give an honest assessment. If you had ridden in half the races this year, you would have had a chance for a drum of VP race gas, which will be given away at the banquet. Best odds anywhere at this point.

In response to another thread, the AMA doesn't owe the Kentucky racers anything other than that which we pay dues for. The racing is put on by the promoters and supported by the racers. Get your local riding areas to promote a race and let's get it on! :banghead:

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