YZ250 2 stroke converts

Ditto, It's a great bike.

Joe-06 YZ250. I am learning how to keep the rpm's up better as I go but I am just loving this bike.

don't let the 2 stroke police see this thread :banghead: check out what dwight rudder has done in the offroad riding tech section :banghead:

yeh, I read that the other day. Long as we keep it civil I'd hope we can talk openly about the pro's and cons of each. To be honest I like both bikes for different reasons but I can't find another forum like TT to discuss it all.


agreed, I loved my YZ 450, but the 250 2 stroke just suits me better for where i ride. I still own other thumpers, but either way, TT is still a great resource for info no matter what kind of bike you ride. the honest and open discussion is one of the things that facilitates this. lets keep it open, so everyone can benefit. :banghead:

In the 125 class I would recommend a 250f, but I have to say I really love my 05 yz250. It has been such a fun bike. I will continue to buy 250 2 strokes in the future. I just love the ease of maintence and the fun factor.


Could not have said it better myself..


Well last friday I bought an 06 YZ250 and went to the track Sunday. The bike flat out hauls, no doubt. I'm coming off an 04 CRF450 and it's an adjustment for sure. The biggest adjustment, as some of you have mentioned is the throttle response. I adjusted the slack on the throttle as suggested but there isn't much roll on here. Nothing I didn't expect though. It feels about 25 pounds lighter, turns much better than the CRF, jumps "better", and the suspension feels good already; it soaks up flat landings much better than my CRF(stock). I really like it. It has brought back some excitement and fun to riding. I would say it's not quite as "easy" to ride as the CRF but definitely more fun. So now my CRF is for sale and I wish there were a forum as good as this one for the 2 strokes.

JBM, a flywheel weight will do wonders for smoothing out the throttle response, w/o hurting performance. I have an 11 oz., but I've also ridden an '05 w/ an 8 oz. and liked it also.

well after a couple of 4 stroke deals fell through i ended up with a 250 2 stroke... i still plan on getting a yellow yz 250/450f in a couple/few years once the price drops down and i can afford to buy one... until then ill be roosting a way on a 2 stroke....nathan

JBM summed it all up right there. I am getting used to it. I picked up 3rd in my last +30 race in the mud. Much easier to ride in he mud with the light weight and how it is distributed.

A lot of fun. All the guys at the track are asking to ride it and coming back grinning from ear to ear. Pretty cool. I'm the trader who started this thread.


JP....your no trader....what the heck....I started this thread back in Dec 2004 Went Pinger on you Guys


Hey Satch, thanks. You have been real helpful.

I am thinking about dropping off this site. I atleast have to stay off the general and town square. People are ticking me off with their anti-american and anti-Chritsian rhetoric. I came here to talk bikes and that has been good but man there are some real jerks out here. I have enough aggravation in the real world without getting into it here. Once again if I don't come back thansk for your help, you have been a cool guy.


Joe....check your pm's. :banghead:

Joe, please don't give it up only because of some jerks. I have read your posts and feel you're a decent man. :banghead:

ya,just because some might consider two stroke belief to be TT heresy is no reason to throw in the towel,galileo never gave up :banghead:

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