yz-wr gearing

i have an 04 yz450, can i add the wr gearing to my motor to make it a 5 speed.

You can install a complete WR transmission (both shafts, all 9 gears, three shift forks, and shift cam) in your YZ. It runs about $700 (cheaper through the Thumper Talk store), which is a lot of money, but a good exhaust system costs that much.

The WR trans gives you a somewhat lower first gear, roughly the same 2-4, and an extra on top.

can i just add the wr 1st gear.

If you buy the parts from www.mrcycles.com it comes to $484 for 2 transmission shafts, 9 gears, 3 shift forks, and 1 shift cam. :banghead:

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