Decomression lever leaking

Have any of you ever had an oil leak at the decompression shaft on the XR 600R? If so how did you fix it?

Its pretty common after a while. You just have to replace the seal.

Basic procedure is as follows:

Pull rocker arm cover

Carefully heat the area around the decomp shaft retaining pin with a propane torch then remove the pin.

Remove the decomp shaft then pop out the old seal.

Install the new seall and decomp shaft then tap the retaining pin back in. You might have to warm the case up again to get it back in smoothly.

The end of the retaining pin should be flush with the bottom of the rocker arm cover. If you push it in too far it will hit the decomp shaft and make it bind.

Don't take this as gospel, I just wanted to give you an idea what is involved. The manual spells it out better.

Thanks for the info. I have ordered the parts and will start disassembly this weekend. Thanks again! :banghead:

I have a trilingual PDF of the Honda XR6 service manual if you want it. Just drop me a PM.

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