YZ450F supermoto

I just posted this in the supermoto forum, thought you guys might be interested too.

I just finished the rebuild/transforamtion of my 04 yz450f into it's present supermoto trim. Here are the mods on this bike:

Enigine-Head porting with kibble white valve componants done by Forwad Motion Racing, Falicon knife rod with Falicon Super Crank service on the crank shaft, OEM yamaha top end, and various new bearings, seals, gaskets O-rings cam chain ect. through out. Hinson clutch basket with STM slipper clutch and Hinson clutch plates. JD jet kit for the carb, and a K&N filter in the stock air box. Fluidyne radiators. I think thats it for the motor.

Chasis-17 in excel wheels and Talon hubs front and rear, 05 twin chamber KYB forks serviced by Noleen with revalved stock shock. Complete Magura radial mount caliper and master cyclinder brake system.

Other stuff-Acerbis supermoto front fender, SME axle sliders, Pro-circuit top and bottom triple clamps, scotts stabilizer, and ASV clutch lever.

More to come I hope. This build took me about six months. Let me know what you guys think!









looks great but i would try to lose some weight by taking out the air box and using a pod filter and also move the weight down by lowering the suspension

Man it looks sweet!

Are those the radiators that are shorter for lowering the CG? - they look the same as stock but larger surface area

I love those Ceet graphics ! My favorite :banghead:

Can not wait to hear who well she runs...... :applause:

p.s. i see everything is Blue in that garage :lol:

Looks sweet! Which brand front fender did you go with?? and how was the fit? I still need to get one for mine.

Thanks for the replies! 2in. suspension lowering is next on the list. The radiators hang a little lower than stock maybe 1/8 of an inch, but they are about 1/3 thicker(and 1/3 heavier :banghead: ). The front fender is acerbis, you have to drill out your own mounting holes using the supplied template, and I also had to trim the bottom of the front number plate so it could fit. Thanks again.

I would not lower it until you ride it. Most guys I know are going back to stock height and most shops recommend not lowering. I also have an 04' 450 and have no problem dragging the pegs in about every corner with the stock length suspension. I am strictly a novice rider. I couldn't imagine how much it would drag if I lowered it two inches.

Oh by the way sweet bike. You might want to put some handguards on to keep it lookin that way if you go down. With the axle sliders and some decent handguards they are pretty indestructable.

Awesome job man...

The whole setup looks the biz... You racing it or just using it on the street? Stick a headlight on there and then you can really have some fun :applause::lol::banghead:

I used a Maier supermoto fender on my YZF and no mods needed , molded to fit the number plate . Nice bike though :banghead:

Thanks for the replies! I planning on getting the cycra hand guards, and for now this bike is race only. I would love to run this on the street, but I live in CA the land of stupid smog laws.

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