What kind/make/profile tires should I buy for XR650L stock wheels?

I'm on a reasonable budget. I only ride on the streets and can't afford 17" wheels. Rain shouldn't be a factor since I'm in sunny La Jolla, CA. If possible, I'd like a very low profile tire to lower the bike a little and increase acceleration.

So, what should I get? Please include Make, Profile, and if possible Cost.

Thanks guys!

If your riding on the street mostly I recommend the Avon Gripsters. No idea on the cost as the bike came with them when i bought it but I will consider putting them back on after I get my winter Knobby.

They blow in the dirt compared to the MT21's I had on my last dual sport so be carefull when you are taking that occasional short cut and ripping across peoples front yards. :banghead:

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