Trick Dual Sport

Looks like to make a WR 450 street legal, it would take the kit plus mirrors? Is there anything else? Any luck with a particular brand of mirrors?

I use 2 round mirrors on steel shanks. I can't remember the brand. I have one on each side. I have tried the plastic fold-away type but they viberated too much to see clearly. I like to see behind me when I'm on the street. :banghead:


I used two (one on each side) round mirrors on steel shanks. I tried the plastic fold-away type but they viberated too much. I like to see behind me when I'm on the street :banghead:


Where's a good place to get the mirrors?


I got mine from a local bike accessories store. I don't know what brand they are. I will go over there tomorrow and check and post the answer then.


I used two (one on each side) round mirrors on steel shanks. I tried the plastic fold-away type but they viberated too much. I like to see behind me when I'm on the street :banghead:


After I balanced my front wheel/tire, I can see pretty good with the Acerbis fold-down made a huge difference in vibration level. :applause:

OK, I went to the bike shop to check for you guys. The brand is "Ken Sean Mirror" It is part #970510. That is a Parts Unlimited part number. It screws into a mount that clamps to the bars. You can get a mount that replaces the stock clamp half for your clutch perch. I have so much stuff on my bars that I had to go this route. I also moved the hot start to the right side. I mounted it to the front brake perch. That also helps keep me from twisting the throttle on start up :banghead:


After recently installing the Trick, I would say it's a great kit to start with. On my 05 Wr450 the front Rubber snubbies hit against my ignition box, and the 35 watt headlamp is pathetic. The headlamp is not very adjustable for aiming. But I love the electrical side of things. Very compact, neat and clean. My thoughts are leaning towards installing the Trick kit on my factory shroud and adding two flushmount front turns.

I have a TDS kit on my wifes crf250 and a Baja Designs kit on my crf 450. The Trick kit Kicks Butt. It is so much better and you don't have that bundle of wires sitting behind your light. I replaced the rear light with a LED light and Stick on LED blinkers. I love his kit and will buy anotherone eventually for my 450. Just on looks alone the Trick kit is worth the extra money. Plus you don't have to have it on all the time like the Baja kit. you can turn it off when you are riding off road. Dale has put a lot of thought and time into this kit and I swear by it.

Any Other Tips???

I have a trick Dual sport Kit :applause:

Jet pilot mentioned doing an install on the stock headlight shroud with turn signals mounted to the shroud...Dale did exactly that for me and I really like how it turned out. I recommend this setup, it is compact and you get the good stock light. My stock shroud install came out very clean and Dale even set it up so I can remove the turn signals in a heartbeat. :p

My brother has a TDS kit that came with the normal UFO headlight and it is okay but not super bright. We almost never find ourselves riding at night. If you need to ride at night Dale will set you up with a light for your needs. The good thing about the UFO light that comes with the kit is a great turn signal setup...check out his site the pics say it all.

I have had a Baja Designs kit on my XR400 for 8 years and it worked; The TDS is just smaller, neater, cleaner with features you can't find elsewhere.

Dale's kit has lots of features that rock...voltage indicator, auxiliary power/charging port, built in auto resetting circuit breakers :ride: and three way light mode (running lights, full lights and stealth/charge mode).

These features make it really worth the buck IMHO.

I take it the UFO headlight isn't as good as the stock one then? I like the integrated turn signals on the UFO plastic. I plan on using it to ride at night.

Also, how much did it cost to have it done that way (if you don't mind me asking)...using the stock headlight?

Who Sells The Trick Kit? Where Can I Buy One? How Much $$ Thanks

I have had the Baja Designs Kit for two years No problems at all. I was very carfull with the installation this is where some people get themselves into trouble. The service I got over the phone from BD was great they know their product very well and are helpfull problem solvers. I don't understand why they have such a bad Rap.

I had a Baja kit on a 99 YZ 400, then a Trick kit on my 03 WR450.

Had problems with the Baja kit harness. The phone support was good, but noticed that the harness was kinda cheap and bulky. Hard to work on too.

Then I got the WR and had Dale put his TDS kit on. It is a very well thought out design, and the harness is very trick and reliable. Very happy with it.

These bikes take alot of abuse and the TDS kit can take it. :applause:

I have the trailtech with billet mount with the Trick dualsport! Fit is good. :applause:

Much appreciated!


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