Trick Dual Sport

How do I get to the Trick website?

I sent tds an e-mail in regards to reusing the stock headlight assembly after reading the above comments. That'll be tooooo weird.....ride to the MX track, race against the 250's and then ride back home.

Man the WR is a versatile machine!


i dont understand the baja bashing, but i never ran their entire dual sport kit. On my honda 250 i ran a baja headlight for a long time with no problems. Perfect for night riding with a high light output. The only issues i had with it was often when gassing the bike the front end would lift and the high beam would loose contact with the ground, but i think that was caused by the angle of the forks on the 250. the other problem i had was i had to replace the plastic shroud caused i crashed at high speed and the bike did a headbut onto a tree. But props to baja cause the glass halogen light containment had not even a scratch on it after a 80kmh smack with a tree

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