Need input from WR426 Owners Please!!!

Ok, I'm debating between a WR250F and a WR426F and would like your input. 1st I'm 6' and 175lbs. I have been riding since June of 00 and I'm fairly aggressive when the situtation calls. I currently have a 1997 DR350 with a White Bros. pipe and this is the same bike I started on. I ride 95% of the time in the woods for fun, 4% of the time in hare scrambles, and 1% of the time playing on MX tracks, (no big doubles or triples. Just average fun jumps). I like the weight and tractability of the WR250F (from what people and articles have said) for the woods but I don't want to run short on power. A friend of mine has a YZ426F with a woods suspension, 13-52 gearing, and 16oz. flyweight and is a great bike to ride but I believe if I really push it, like my DR350, I'll end up in a full body cast. It has a great amount of power and possiblity a little too much for my weight. My friend is 6'1" and 250lbs. If I was 205 to 215 I would not be questioning myself and get a 426. I would like to know if the WR426F is a true trails bike that I could ride for my needs and not kill myself with it's power. I hope to ride one tomorrow and if I have any other question I reply. Thanks.



you need the wr426 with the standard wr cam timing.



I agree. The small price difference and substancial power improvement the Wr426 has over the Wr250 Make it worth it. They are Identical Bikes for the most part.

Of course the Wr250 Is about 25 Lbs lighter than the Wr426..but It sounds like you wont have any complaints. (I didnt and I weigh 270.) The funny thing is.. With the thottle Stop (50 % throttle) On my Wr426..The Bike makes More overall power than The Wr250s Max power. Keep that in mind. :)

Im not saying the Wr250 is a bad Bike.. but for a person of your Stature and Build, DONT go with anything Less than A Wr426. If You weighed 130 Lbs..Id say, you might like the 250 More..but otherwise..Im going with Taffy on this one.


So the 260lbs the WR426F weight really isn't a problem on tight trails, and the power is more user friendly the the YZ version?


The wide ratio transmition on the WR makes it a much better trail bike than the YZ. Power delivery is smooth and predictable so if you get in trouble it's probably lack of self control on on your part. If this is a problem, don't trim the throttle stop :)

When riding trails I do not notice the weight. When on a motocross track or lifting it I do. :D

I am about the same height/weight as you.

Ok, I rode the WR426F and loved it. I really couldn't tell the weight difference until I stalled it in a tight turn going up hill. I liked the smooth power in the woods but when I got out to a open field and want to really open it up it didn't hit the power like I though it would. I had a great deal of trouble getting a wheelie and it seemed to let off in the power department. I asked my friend if he removed the baffle from his exhaust and trimmed his throttle stop and he said no. He took out his spark arrester and thats it. I REALLY love the smooth power and I can make myself live with the extra 10lbs. I'm not use to, but if I cut down the throttle stop and remove the baffle on a WR426F that I might get, will I gain enough power to easily pull a wheelie? And as long as I have self control still have the same useable power in the woods?


you're gonna lose the self control bit. i'm afraid you'll be wanking in you're hanky!

if all i could pick a bike for was it's ability to pull a wheelie i'd put an H2 on the dirt.

now gentleman here is a quiz.

i'm remembering this man's name from 1978 & he used to race these machines. his surname is synonomous with the shithouse so who was he. actually they were H1's.

ps. he's from the states!


pps. if you only understood our british humour you'd know that he reached reverential status!


The WR is very mellow until the carb is jetted and there is a pipe.

The bike is night and day. The jetting is the key. I just did some tight single track and had no problem with control, yet my bike has great response.

It was not always this way. I was actually quite disappointed with the bike until I made most of the changes suggested by this web site. Now my bike is completely different.

I don't have much time in on my 2001 wr426, as I live in NW Michigan and still have 6+ inches of snow. I just got back into dirt riding 3 years ago after 20+ years off. I too started on a DR 350, and can tell you I couldn't be happier with the WR. The first thing I did when I brought it home was trim the throttle stop. That's it. I then put in the break-in time driving up and down the shoulder of the road in front of my property. Even with the plug in the pipe, 2nd and 3rd gear wheelies are just a crack on the throttle. No changing of jetting yet, either. The DR was a good trail bike and served me well, but this WR is a hole new ball game.

Regarding the removal of the muffler inserts: if your going to ride in the woods (as in public trails), leave it in. The extra noise is going to give the enviro-nazi's more ammunition for closing trails than horsepower you will gain.



I rode my 01' WR426F up the street the day I got it. WHAT A DISSAPOINTMENT I thought! I put a YZ throttle stop in, Took out the baffle, but left in the spark arrester, and took off the air box cover. 2 different bikes! I have not had to change the stock jetting, seems spot on to me! I'm 280lbs. :) and third gear wheelies are easy! Just hit the gas hard (I don't have to roll it on) and the front wheel lifts up. I intended to buy an aftermarket exhaust, but have changed my mind. Rode last weekend at Gorman (hungry valley). Rode tight trails and I was amazed how great this handled. Best bike I have EVER ridden! This is making me a better rider again. :D Former bikes included KTM 380 M/XC, KX 500, XR 400, KX 250, KDX 200. This 45 year old, fat old man is enjoying riding again!!! :D


anyone ever hear of a sand dune racer called frank crapo. used to race H1 kwackers on the dune's in the states.

we 17 year-olds built him up into some mythical figure, part human, part super hero.

it's the name that got me!


Anyone else have any comments?

Like it has been said before, if you worried about the power and snap of the bike you rode that belong to your friend, yank out the plug in the exhaust and trim the throttle stop and it will be a total difference. No wheelie problems and Im a healthy kid (5'10" 220lbs).


I thought I was familiar with most motorsports in America, especially in 78 and have never heard of dune racing for bikes???



97 KDX220, 86 TTR225, 99 WR400f, WR timing, throttle stop trimmed, air box lid removed, White Bros head pipe, silencer and air filter. De-octopussed. Works frame guards and Thumper Rad Guards, Scotts steering damper. Odometer and headlight removed. Moose hand and mud guards. YZ stock tank, IMS seat and number plate. Renthal Jimmy Button "highs" and Renthal Soft half waffle grips. AMA, SETRA, Happy Ramblers MXC.

696 Wrote: "but when I got out to a open field and want to really open it up it didn't hit the power like I though it would. I had a great deal of trouble getting a wheelie and it seemed to let off in the power department"

You sure you were riding a WR426??? You sure you were'nt sitting on the handlebars??? You sure you were'nt in sixth gear??? Are you sure the bike still was'nt hooked up to the trailer???

Sorry...I'm just struggling a little bit with that part of your post...sorry for any sarcasm, but I could only blame not being able to wheelie a 426 down to rider limp wrist.

As Carl said..."Even with the plug in the pipe, 2nd and 3rd gear wheelies are just a crack on the throttle"

When I responded on the 250F side I was not aware that you were trying to choose between the WR250F and the WR426. I race HS and bought a 99 YZ400 for that (our HS is a 7 mile long MX, not a single tree, lots of jumps and berms). At first I was disappointed with the YZ because it did not feel as fast as my previous KX250, and my lap times did not drop right away. After a few months and some "ahah" experiences, I would never go back to the KX. I upgraded this year to a YZ426, and it was worth it. The motor is unquestionably stronger, but even more important is the suspension improved alot in 2 years. But the YZ was not good for mountain and trail riding; too stiff, heavy, powerful and geared too high. I wanted a bike that felt like my YZ, but I wanted to keep my YZ MX track-ready. I was debating buying a WR426, but it still would have been heavy. It was hard to justify buying a bike that was very similar to what I already had. I went for the WR250F and I am happy with it. It still has a very similar feel to my YZ, even though it is alot lighter and less powerful (and with very similar parts, I have already canibalized parts twice when the dealer did not have stock).

But if I could only have one, and I was not MX track oriented, (you seem most interested in trails) I would go for the WR426. It will be better if you do race HS (unless they are really tight and technical). And as far as getting the front wheel up, the 250F is sort of difficult, and the 426 is just a twist away. It is easier to make the 426 slower than to make the 250F faster. When you go to the track, take out the baffle and install a YZ throttle stop. Out on the trail, go with a WR throttle stop and baffle (and rejet). That should answer your power concerns. Making the 250F more powerful involves a new pipe, and it will never run like a 426. You are big enough that you can deal with the 426 weight.

WR400inOZ: I know it sounds crazy but the front wheel wouldn't come up very easy. I asked the owner how he got the front tire up and he said he had to almost sit on the rear fender. I know it was a WR426F(I've been around MX long enough to know one :))and it had the stock jetting, no cut down throttle stop, and baffled pipe. In the field it seemed like it was almost running lean. We were running racing fuel (Turbo Blue)and I really couldn't figure it out. I did expect the WR to have more power so I figured that the article in the March 2001 Dirt Bike was right, "With the stock throttle-limiter and muffler insert in place, the WR426 is as weak as a newborn kitten."

My dealer removed the throttle stop before I picked the bike up, but I found the baffle very restrictive. I brought the bike up in the hills, warmed it up, and rode about 100 yards down the road, turned around, and came back to the truck to get that baffle out of there! Upon pulling the muffler baffle and airbox lid, the bike seemed to make twice the power. It's a deceptive power as well - it just doesn't seem to be working as hard as my old WR250 2-stroke, and all of a sudden I'm going faster than I may want to be! I really am enjoying this bike immensely! It's hard for me to imagine trouble getting the front wheel up..? It makes great power, has good suspension, and I really don't find it to be that loud, even with the plug removed. I haven't ridden the 250F to compare, but I give the 426F the thumbs up. The biggest adjustments I've had to make are for the height of the bike, and the width of the tank towards the front. The bike can be difficult to deal with in rough, off-camber areas when you need to put a foot down on the low side. I have a 34" inseam, and it's a stretch for me. Hard to get your weight forward with the stock tank as well, but I'm getting better at it. Overall, I'm happy with the bike, and would not go back to my previous bike - I'm having too much fun with this one!

You need to lose the throttle stop ASAP. Also, I'm not sure if the race gas might be causing more problems than it solves. I'm sure the WRs and YZs aren't designed to use it.

Good to see there are people out there who still have somewhere they can ride their bikes. Foot and Mouth disease has killed this season off over here.

Cut the throttle stop and pull the air box lid and you'll be lucky not to loop it. I am 5'8 and 185 lbs and love the 426 on trail riding. I live in New England and the singletrack trails can be tight. I havent had any problems yet.

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