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Straddleline (aka Thurston County) ORV Park cleanup OCT 1 & 2

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Subject: FW: THURSTON GRAYS "Straddleline" ORV WORK PARTY VOLUNTEERS needed Oct 1 & 2

Gates open at 0800 Oct 1st and 2nd. Bring your lawnmowers, weed-whackers, shovels, rakes, gloves and any other machinery or tools you can think of and join the party! There are three years worth of crud to clean up!

TMC - AMA sanctioned 2 day motocross Open Practice October 8th and 9th will be the first event at the re-opened Straddle Line ORV Park.

Dave Hiatt

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Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2005 11:46 AM

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To: All Straddleline ORV Park Volunteers

From: John Eaton

Date: 9/21/2005

Re: Work Parties

As of today Thurston County finally signed the quit claim deed. This transfer of the park to Grays Harbor County had to happen before work could begin on getting “Straddleline” (the original name of the park, and now its “new” old name) into shape to open for events starting this October 8th.

I am happy and excited to inform you that work can commence this Saturday, September 24th starting at 8AM.

Please respond with the following information:

Days and hours you, your family, or your club can work.

The number of people in your work party; minors need to be accompanied with an adult family or club member and minors may not operate power equipment.

Equipment you can bring, such as mowers, chainsaws, weed whackers, brush hogs, even a shovel or rake, other. Please remember to bring gloves and safety glasses.

Specific skills you may have, such as certified and licensed electrician, plumber, painter, paramedic, carpenter, mason, heavy equipment operator or food handler.

Should you be unable to attend but wish to donate items, please list the

specific items you wish to donate.

Please respond as groups if possible, such as motorcycle or jeep clubs or even family or friend groups, this will help all of us with the limited amount of time that we have.

I will be coordinating all grounds and track work parties at least until the park opens, if you wish to work contact me at this email address.

If you wish to help with the custodian’s quarters, the wells, or the meeting hall, please contact Tom Fite.

If you wish to schedule an event and can provide at least one

million dollars liability event insurance please contact Tom Fite or Ed Bushnell.

DO NOT BRING ORVs, ORVs may not be operated until October 8th.

Please forward this to all user groups and or interested parties.

Thank you for your help and support,

John Eaton

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I see that the first event will be a 2 day open practice.

Any word on cost, if they are running classes, etc... or is just like ol'times, roll on track when ready and peel off when you need a break?

mike - mx813

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Don't know about cost or anything but I also got this update:

I'm sure that if you contact one of the people at the end of this email, they can tell you about cost and how things will be run on the practice day



It is Sunday night 9/25/05 and just returned from the ORV Park. Thought you might enjoy an update. The volunteers this weekend were amazing!!! There were approximately 80 people on Saturday (including Commissioner Beerbower) and approximately 40 on Sunday. The grandstands are done the lower camping area has had brush hogs on it, the entire fence line has been weed wacked, about half of the arena has been cleared, the meeting hall mopped and much, much more. I can't believe how much work was accomplished. We have one more weekend to finish what needs to be done to open on October 8th. Because of insurance we cannot be there during the week until the opening. Sorry about the previous information about mid week but I was not aware that we could not be in there.

At the work party on October 1st and 2nd there is about 1000 feet of fencing that needs to be installed, about 100 feet of fence that needs to be repaired in the arena area, the arena needs to be finished, mowing needed on both lower and upper campground along with weed eating, 5 miles of trail that needs to be cleared, trees limbed and some removed & lots of other things.... Please try and attend one or both days as we must get the park ready to open. The first event is October 8th & 9th followed by the 4Wheel Drive event on October 15th & 16th, Motocross on October 22nd & 23rd and MudSlingers Motorcycle Club on October 29th & 30th.

The 4Wheel Drive event is a Fun Days (Playday). It is a chance to come down and run at the ORV Park once again. There will be not trophies (atleast none planned at this time). There will be a dance on Saturday night with courses on Saturday and Sunday. Sorry about the work party confusion but we need to get most everything done prior to the first event. I will be sending out a flyer with the cost as soon as it is finalized this week. Please let everyone know that the profit goes to the park to help get things back in shape. There will be sani-cans on site as the bathrooms will not be finished yet. Someone helped themselves to all the piping! If you would like to help with the fun days please contact Mike Julsrud at 360-894-6315.

Please pass this on to everyone you know..... We need the support at the work parties and at the fun days to make this all happen. If you have any questions on the park please feel free to email me at offroadangie@aol.com or call 253-537-3172.

Thanks for your support!

Angie Marek

OOops, just noticed that mxrider227 already posted this info - oh well, just in case ya missed it!

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