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Colville National Forest Letters of Support for grants needed

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As usual, I'm a day late and a dollar short. This is a plea for letters of support for some grants that the district has been working on for the last few months. There is a quick turn around time on them, which I apologize for. For some reason I didn't take the time until this fine Sunday afternoon to get my thoughts straight on how to approach this. At any rate, we have three grants we have put together. One for the Jane Musser fund, which is a foundation that funds collaborative processes in land management, and the other two are IAC grants, one for motorized NOVA, the other for Non-highway roads NOVA. If you care to write an email supporting these grants, please send an email of your letter to swarneke@fs.fed.usb

She will get them in the right package.

Here are the details so you can determine if you support them

IAC NOVA grant for motorized:

Name of Grant: Pend Oreille Valley ATV routes

Kind of grant: Planning for trails

Amount: IAC funds = $51,350, Local match included FS money and volunteers

= $33,500

This is what the grant says: The CNF received a planning grant in 05 for Phase one. The forest implemented this system July 2005 with a total of 650 miles. This new grant proposal is for planning grant this is needed to prepare the NEPA for Phase 2 trail system. Phase 2 will add more high clearance roads and high use roads, reopen some roads that have been closed to ATV travel, construct short connector trails to connect portions of the already designated routes, and add approved user created routes to the ATV system.

IAC NOVA grant for non-highway roads:

Name of grant: Pend Oreille Valley Dispersed Site management

Kind of grant: Maintenance

Amount: IAC funds = $61,250, Local Match including FS money and volunteer

= $25,500

This is what the grant is about: The Pend Oreille valley has most of it's recreation visitors going to the roads and trails that aren't associated with campgrounds. These are called "dispersed sites" The forest has some MAJOR problems in these sites and needs to do a good clean up and get them in good shape again. This project would fund clean up crews going around to these sites for two years cleaning them and making them look nice again. We have a couple of major partners in this effort.

Jane Musser Fund

Name of Grant: Colville National forest Recreation Travel Strategy

Collaborative planning effort

Kind of Grant: project continuation and support for collaboration

Amount: Jane Musser fund = $30,000 Local match including FS money and

volunteers = $ 100,000

This is what the grant is about:The purpose of the grant is to assist organizations in promoting land management stewardship through collaboration. We propose to use the funds for collaborative resources, such as collaboration workshops and facilitators, and to match funds for other grants as they come available. The rest of Region 6 is looking how the Colville manages this collaborative effort and we hope to have other forests try this.

Again, letters of support really help get these grants. I have attached an example letter of support that I got from someone in the Rec travel. I have tried to put some pointers in there. If you can't really do a letter, just send and email stating the ways you would support us in these efforts.

thanks again.

(See attached file: MusserTomDishaw.doc)


Debbie Wilkins

Recreation, Engineering, Lands, and Minerals Staff

Newport and Sullivan Lake Ranger Districts

Colville National Forest

Telephone: 509-447-7322

E-mail: dwilkins@fs.fed.us

Sample letter:


Street Address


RE: Letter of Support for Jane Musser Fund Grant

Dear Mr. Brazell:

I am writing on behalf of myself and others who xxxxxxxxxx, to express my support of the Colville’s use of the Recreation Travel Strategy Working group and the on-going use of collaboration to resolve recreation issues on the forest. Collaboration is essential to resolving (state some issues you club has with rec travel on the colville).

I understand the purpose of this grant is to assist organizations in promoting land management stewardship through collaboration. I fully support the forest using these funds to pay for collaborative resources, such as work shops, facilitators, and as match for other grants the forest may be seeking. This forest is lacking an ATV trail system, which I have been concerned about for many years, as I have a disability and really enjoy riding my ATV out in the woods as my way of seeing mother-nature. I came to the Newport Ranger district over 3 years ago to express my concerns about this issue. I have been going to meetings for over a year to help the forest address this. All of this work I have done has resulted in this grant proposal, and I really would like to see this grant go through.




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