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Reiter Trails Call to Action

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Subject: Reiter Trails - Call to Action!!!

This is a copy of the flyer Stumpjumpers Motorcycle club is sending out about Reiter Trails. Please distribute to your ORV contacts.

Reiter Trails - Call to Action!!!

BACKGROUND: Reiter Trails is located near Gold Bar north of Highway 2. The land is owned and managed by the Department of Natural Resources. It is not an official Off Road Vehicle area. The DNR allows ORV activity but does not manage ORV use, build or maintain trails.

THE PROBLEM: Continued unmanaged ORV use, illegal dumping, shooting, underage drinking and destruction of natural resources. The DNR could be held accountable and possibly fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for damage. The DNR can close the area at any time.

THE SOLUTION: Get Reiter Trails zoned for motorized recreation so it can ultimately become a designated ORV area.

THE BENEFIT: A managed ORV area that promotes responsible use will help ensure ORV enthusiasts in and around Snohomish County will have a place to enjoy motorized recreation for years to come.

WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE: Current Snohomish County land use zoning rules for Reiter Trails do not specifically state whether or not motorized recreation is allowed. The DNR cannot take steps to designate Reiter Trails as an ORV area until the zoning rules change to specifically allow motorized recreation (a conditional use permit is not acceptable to the DNR).

CALL TO ACTION: Immediately telephone, email or write a letter to Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon urging him to change the zoning ordinance for Reiter Trails. Remind him that Councilman Koster and Sax have been asking for a zoning ordinance change for the last three years and his office has not responded. In your communication please be polite and brief.

Talking points:

Request a zoning ordinance change to allow outright permitted ORV use at Reiter Trails off Highway 2 near Gold Bar.

State that a conditional use permit is not sufficient for the DNR to move forward with making Reiter Trails an official ORV area.

Reiterate continued community requests for a zoning change.

Remind him that the Council overwhelmingly voted to have the planning department draft a proposal of a zoning ordinance change.

Remind him that Councilman Koster and Sax have been requesting the ordinance change for three years.

State that no further action on the proposed zoning change has taken place and that you want the opportunity for the council members to review it.

State that you look forward to staying involved in this issue.

Request a response from Executive Reardon.

Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon

Phone: 425-388-3460

email: County.executive@co.snohomish.wa.us

Address: 3000 Rockefeller, M/S 407; Everett, WA 98201

Council website: http://www1.co.snohomish.wa.us/Departments/Council/

It is very costly for Stumpjumpers to send out printed flyers such as this. If you wish to keep informed on this issue please send an email to LegGuy@stumpjumpers.org.

Stumpjumpers Motorcycle Club, P.O Box 476, Lynnwood, WA. 98046-0476


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Thank you to anyone that can and will act on this call to action! :banghead:

Don Larson - SJMC President

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oops, a repeat of trav's post too! Geeze it's tough catching up when work has been in the way!

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