Lighting-wattage-system limits

I've read all the threads, regarding changing the stock H4 to a higher wattage bulb. Seems to be mixed emotion's both way's soooooooooo.

04' WR450 -will the system support an upgrade to 80watt H4 headlight without any other changes?

Any adverse effect's at all?


I have ran the Acerbis DHH on my 04' with two each 40 watt MR16 lamps. I think you can go up to 100 Watts but someone should correct me if I'm wrong :banghead: , I know the coil wattage is listed in your specs in your manual and I would refer to that for the definitive answer. (I don't have my manual in front of me). Anyway, the DHH worked really well and was pretty cost effective. You can get the Acerbis set up for around $80.00 and the replacement lamps are available at just about any hardware store in any wattage configuration of spot or flood that you may want. You can usually get a 4 pack for less than $15. A broken H4 is a lot more expensive to replace and the Acerbis DHH will shave some weight as well as being totally easy to install. :applause:

Oh and the DHH lit up the woods like a mofo :lol:

I just installed a PIAA 80/80 SuperWhite.

Holy crap is that thing brighter than stock.

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