Went riding today and...

I'm really looking forward to getting back on a 450, so riding the hyperactive 125 is all I've been doing since I sold my 450 in August. Last Sunday at the track with my son was a good day anyhow, so we went back today. I sent my kid riding and was taking the bike out from my van, then this guy comes to my car and asks about my bike. I tell him I'm going back to 450 and he asks how much I want for my 125. I reply and show him the bike and he says "bring it my my place tonight, I'll take it for my son".

Just pushed the bike back in and no riding today, bummer.

NOW WHERE ARE THE '06 YAMAHAS? :lol: God help me not to go Honda now. :applause: Just asking myself how many customers Yamaha has lost to other brands because of the late release of new thumpers. :banghead:


That was lucky and I doubt mine will sell that easy cause no one seems to want a 2-stroke even though this little bike is awesome.

I'm really been looking forward to a new 450 also but I don't know if I can give up my 125. That little bike sure has brought a smile to my face this year. It's been my first 125 in almost 20 years and I took right to it. I think it's really raised my riding level back up a notch because I'm continuously charging where I have been lazy on my 450. Even so I can't wait to ride the new brute.


Thanks Kyle for you reply :applause:

I really liked the 125 in the beginning, it helped me to improve my cornering and made me feel really fit being able to ride on and on without feeling exhausted. But like several others here who have tried the 125, in the end it was not the bike I wanted to keep as a sole bike.

I have today confirmed my reservation of a new YZ450F and will get it in December, too bad we don't get the anniversary yellow ones in Europe. I could have bought a new CRF this week, but I skipped it, maybe I'm just too blue.

Untill the bike is here, I feel naked without a bike.

Thank you all for your supporting comments :banghead:

rode a 94' kx 125 after gettin off my old 230 and I loved it!! more power (then it seemed) and it was light!!!!.

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