Bk mod, jetting.. 01 426

Couple questions....

I did the blue wire mod and I am currently working on the bk mod....

After I get this squirt down under a second , any suggestions for jetting..??

Theres a 162 main in now....

I know motoman 393 has this listed but for some reason I am unable to open the jetting spec chart..( I suck at computers!!)

also what is the knob and line coming from the exhaust side of the carb..?

Its hanging down with a small bracket on it unfastened to anything??

i just got this bike yesterday with no manual and its my first of the newer thumpers..Ordered a manual today , Wont get it till next week..

Thanx in advance for our replies.. :banghead:

I have never been able to open the jetting chart at motomans 393's site, either. :banghead: But, from what I understand, you shouldn't have to change your jetting with the BK mod.

I think the knob you are describing is the choke knob. It should be attached to the other side of the carburetor.

No the choke knob and hotstart are there where they belong...

Its a black hose or line with a knob on the end of it...

Its hanging down , looks like it should be fastened somewhere...Small bracket attaches to the line with 2 holes in it.... :banghead:

Looks like its a "Throttle pully stop"or adjuster After removing the black cover on the carb I can see where it goes...Must adjust the play in the throttle.. Doh !! or maybe an idle adjuster???? :banghead: No ??

It's the idle adjustment knob.

ripntear is right, it's the idle adjustment knob. Oops!

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