Trouble Starting My Bike

I have Trouble starting my ttr-125 it is 2005 and i dont know why it takes so0o0o many kicks to start and so0o0o0o long to warm up. Does any body know what is wrong and if i get a fmf powercore 4 pipe, 110 main jet, and a 17.5 pilot will it make it easier to start??? :banghead::lol::applause::lol:

make sure that the air filter is clean

and taking out the snorkel in the air box

Bump the idle up a tiny bit, it helped when my bike was new before it broke in.

If its a new bike then I bet you didn't adjust the fuel screw yet did you?

Lightly screw it all the way in and count the turns for reference, then back it out 2-2 1/2 turns and see how it runs.

That should get you going until you do the rest of the mods you are looking at, which will help even more.

I had the same problem with my 04 ttr 125 I put those jets and it would fire up alot faster you dont need the powercore 4 to make it fire up any faster.

have fun :banghead:

My 2005 TTR250 is kinda the same. They're cold blooded beasts to start them cold. They come soooooo freaking lean from the factory it's pathetic. Thank god I have the magic button. :banghead:

seems like most trail bikes are cold blooded

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