Why you should buy a full face helmet...(60MPH+GOLF BALL TO HEAD=...)

Was going about 60mph on North Torrey Pines Road in La Jolla, CA, which runs right along side a driving range, when out of nowhere a GOLF BALL HIT ME IN THE F@#$ING HEAD!!! Had the ball hit 4" lower or my head had been tilted back it would have hit my jugular. The impact was so great I immediately thought that a coconut had fallen on my head! The golf ball made contact with the tab on my visor used to tilt it back and left dozens of impact marks all over the visor- which, upon impact, also broke off! All of the small parts that make up the hinge also broke on both sides.

Luckily, I didn't crash. I turned around, found as many parts as I could and went straight to the club house- lucky to be alive. They had me fill out an "injury" form.

Add to this, I had a motorcycle safety class I HAD to attend on time in 30 minutes, and my bike wouldn't start after attempting to depart from the club house. So...I tried to roll start it, somewhere in my shaken up state of mind I managed to hit WTO and watched my bike pull a wheelie as I stood from a distance and watched it slam into the pavement. Broken mirror, front allignment off, some scratched plastics, some scratched metal....I'm still alive. I fixed the fork tonight, only required loosening 4 screws- I love my Honda!

This ladies and gentleman is why you should BUY A FULL FACE HELMET! :banghead:

You did a ghost-ride wheelie in the parking lot after you filled out an accident report from getting hit in the head with a golf ball?

Sorry, but that is the funniest thing I have heard all week!


Dayum that is some funny sheit. :applause:

I would pay for a video of that! :banghead:


My buddy who visits Cali said that area near La Jolla is god's country for riding. I read him your story and we both cryed laughing.Glad you ok and whats really funny is that you could laugh about it cause my eyes are

watering thats so funny !! That wont happen ever again I'm sure. What good did that injury report do ? :banghead:


Why so many Harley riders only wear a skull cap with all their leathers is beyond me.

I don't know about you but I value my face and always ride with a full face.

You cant really hide a :banghead: face

It could be worse. You could have Ghost crashed into a Porsche or Mercedes and be out big bucks. That would have been total insult to injury.

I'd say you were very lucky. If that ball hit your hand it surely would have broken it. I can't believe you didn't crash :applause: This is your first bike, right? That wheelie is too funny. :banghead:

I just rode down through that area last night and I was thinking about the whole golf ball/road thing. I guess I don't really laugh too hard over things like this. I live near a driving range and balls hit the road all teh time. Once a week I pass some peice of broken grill or busted glass in the road. There is always a ball within 10 feet of that point.

Glad you are okay!

dude, id sue them for a few million bucks.....u would get it.

I'm actually about to call the Director of the golf course, he called me this morning which I thought was appropriately puntual, but I was too busy to talk. He said they'll buy me a new helmet...I'm wondering if they'll also pay for my broken mirror and plastics, theory being my dropping the bike was a result of the stress induced from golf ball accident- which was their fault. I'm not a lawyer, but a lot of times that's legit.

I would try it. The truth is, it would be cheaper for them to do that then to end up in court.

sue them for a milloin for emotional damage........u WILL get it!!! just say you get dreams about golf balls and they are all flying at u trying to kill you. trust me on this.

ROTFLMAO!!! THIS IS THE FUNNIEST THING I EVER READ (the wheelie part not the you almost getting killed!) :banghead::lol::applause::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

I am glad you are alright but that was a hilarious story. loved the wheelie bit.


thats just frightening.

glad you are ok.

You sure you're not related to 2BB?

Duh...neck injury from the reaction and impact from the golfball

but seriously..it may be time to sell the L and buy a Hyundai


A person with such luck that they catch a stray golfball while out riding might want to steer clear of vehicles with the word DIE (regardless of spelling) in them! :banghead:

You sure you're not related to 2BB?

lmao! :banghead::applause::lol:

I got hit in the face once by a seagull, doing about 70 on my old Interceptor. Had a buddy behind me, and he said it was about the funniest damn thing he ever saw. He said the gull zeroed right in on my face like a kamikaze, bounced off, fluttered around in the slipstream and hopped off the road. I did a lurid slide on the shoulder and looked back in time to see the little bastard fly away. I had some neck stiffness for a few days but no real damage to either of us. Luckily I always rode with the shield mostly down, which give good airflow and still protects against the crazy stuff coming at you. It took quite a while to get through the dumb "seagull hater" jokes by all my buddies!

If you can get a low cost consultation with a personal injury lawyer, it might be worth your time. You are one lucky guy. The driving ranges know the danger of the golf balls, hence the large nets around the driving range. I am not a sue happy person, but this sure sounds like their fault.

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