Why you should buy a full face helmet...(60MPH+GOLF BALL TO HEAD=...)

I'm tearing too much to read ! but glad you OK !!!!! Maybe someone upstairs is trying to get your attention . Better get right and get to church ! before you get in a hurst !

Glad you're O.K., that was funny though. :applause: A bee flew into my helmet when i was riding once. :banghead: Man, i could not pull over fast enough to get that sucker out of there!

I got hit in the face once by a seagull, doing about 70 on my old Interceptor. Had a buddy behind me, and he said it was about the funniest damn thing he ever saw. He said the gull zeroed right in on my face like a kamikaze, bounced off, fluttered around in the slipstream and hopped off the road. I did a lurid slide on the shoulder and looked back in time to see the little bastard fly away. I had some neck stiffness for a few days but no real damage to either of us. Luckily I always rode with the shield mostly down, which give good airflow and still protects against the crazy stuff coming at you. It took quite a while to get through the dumb "seagull hater" jokes by all my buddies!

You werent on your bike, you were on a roller coaster..

Who let Fabio join TT ???


My wife & kids laughed too ! They asked me why I was giggling so much on pc.

i went to school in Santa barbara, CA. And i use to ride my sportbike there, and there's a golf club right on the road, and that same thing almost happend except my situation just scared the sh&* out of me. The Ball just landed right in front of me and bounced over my head!! Man that was suprising to say the least.... I would have made sure i crashed if it hit me so i got some MONEY from the golf club!!!!

Aparently, the answer to my equation, 60MPH+GOLF BALL TO HEAD=


That's what the check I'm looking at right now says. Thanks stupid golfers.

Well that should pretty much cover the 17" wheels. I'd get hit with a golf ball for some new wheels...lol

Haha, almost...Actually, maybe it's just the tuning of my bike, but I'm already thinking it's not fast enough, I know I know- I did a ghost wheelie two days ago and I already want something faster! :banghead:

Since I never see dirt, I'm always shifting at wide open throttle, and it just doesn't make much sense to try and make a XR650L a fast street bike, I think I'm going to look into trading towards an already modified motard or street bike. I love how solid this bike is, but between the weight to power ratio, and how it's giving me problems trying to start it when it's already warmed up (incredibly inconvenient!), I'm going to check out the field.

Until then, I'm thinking about painting some stuff black since it's now scratched on both sides, but I won't do that if anybody thinks it will effect the resale value.

dude, if they sent you a check for 800 dollars, you could sue them for 800,000 dollars!

haha, yup....almost to puberty, i have half a pube growin on my sack. and i got a lotta posts in other forums........ever hear of pics and vids....i like to reply to things in there.

The Cycle Trader in San Diego often has plated R models for sale, if you really wanna scare yourself on the streets.

Maybe you bought the wrong bike for what your wanting to do.


I think your starting to wear thin man, and I know you have several accounts so your not too worried about being banned...but you may have a better experince in a forum where your actually liked and respected, and people look forward to reading what you have to say.

Its not too late to save yourself, but soon may be.

just some friendly advice, i am not judging you

they say if ya give a man enough rope, he will hang himself

dont do it


Meh, suing people is gay, even if it is a multi multi million dollar world renown golf course.

i think the problem i have is that all the people in this forum are way way older than i am.......most 16 year olds wouldnt get a 650l......but i did cuz i wanted a buffer between dirt and street....the 650l was/is the best thing for that........i come here as a person who has had no expierance working on bikes where as everyone else is at least 10 years older than i am.....my goal is to just try to help if i can or to bring joy to the group but i guess you guys dont agree with me.

Good story 94XR650LaJolla, most of us have similar stories of some type of riding embarassment or mishap.

You can get out while you're still ahead or you can do some "real" work to that L. The main thing is to get back on the bike and ride.

Remember, you're in the people's republic of kalifornia and there are plenty of ambulance chasing lawyers that'll take this case and turn it into the McDonald's hot coffee debacle. They may want to settle out of court and you might come out way ahead.

Good luck and (try to) keep the rubber side down.

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