Changing rims

I've got an '04 450 with factory rims and I want to change them out with black ones. How hard is it to replace just the the rim by putting the factory hub and spokes back in? I don't really care to spend a $1,000 bucks on the whole front and rear assembly.

There is a nac to it thats for sure. If you have the patients for it, you could lace them up, then bring them to a wheel guy and have him true the set for ya... it will save you a ton on the installation. Im not sure the exact procedure on the lacing of the spokes but I know there are guys here on TT that know how to do it and could probable help you with that part.

i was looking into doing this also and i was told i would have to replace the spokes and drill out my stock hubs for it to work, but that was excel's on a 01 cr 250. dont know if it would be the same for you but i would look into it.

Yikes...sounds like a pain in the hind side just to change the color of the rims.

i doubt you will be able to use your existing spokes, but it should be okay to do what "02YZ426 " said :banghead:

It should be simple enough, as rim lacing goes, since the bike already has Excels on it. Using old spokes is not generally recommended, but I've done it without having any trouble. As long as yours are in good condition, you should be fine. Use a good penetrating oil on the spokes while you are removing them.

Here's a how to that may help:

Rebuilding Spoked Wheels

Be patient. Learn something. Save money. Have fun. :banghead:

I got a 03 yz450f i put the black excels on and excel spokes, a lot nicer there massive and i re-used my factory hub iam not sure if they had to drill my hub since i brought it to the dealer, which wasn't the best choice $$$$ but i didn't know how to do it. I would suggest using the excel spokes very strong and a good investment.

I have laced many Excel rims using stock Yamaha spokes and hubs. No drilling or anything special. You can also use Excel spokes with Excel rims and stock hub without drilling. If you used Buchanon spokes you will have to drill the hub but thats no big deal.

The spokes are in a pattern. There are 9 inner and 9 outer spokes on each side. I usually install all the outer spokes on each side then the inners. Make sure when trueing you adjust a complete patten at a time. Do all the outers on the left, then all the outers on the right, then all the inners on the left then the inners on the right. Take your time and it's not that hard.

Go Ahead, Jump In

I would go with all new spokes. I have done this several times and it just takes some time & patience. I was even thinking the last time I did it, that I layed the new rim under the old one, loosend all the spokes and cut the old spokes out of the old rim (one at a time) with a bolt cutter and moved one spoke from the old hub/rim to the old hub/new rim one at a time. This way, I ensured the new Rim was spoked correctly. I then left the new spokes on the new rim loosened and took it to a local shop and paid about $25-30 to have it trued. (Well worth the cost unless you have a rim true tool deal)

Regardless of how you do it, I would go with new spokes... The cost is not that much more.

There are 9 inner and 9 outer spokes on each side. I usually install all the outer spokes on each side then the inners.
Don't try that on a wheel that uses hooked spokes. The outers will get in the way of the inners being installed.

On nail spoked wheels like the YZ's it won't matter.

I recently replaced the rear rim on a 2001 YZ426F. I went with the "Pro Wheel" brand because the Excel rims apparently require you to purchase their spokes to fit their rims and Pro Wheel does not. The rim worked out alright, except for a slight hiccup at the rim weld. The tire takes up the bump, no problem. I bought a -.500 to +.500 dial indicator from Harbor Freight (fairly cheap) and did it myself. Not hard. See the how-to in the above replies.

Excels use different spokes, yes, but since the bigger YZF's come with Excels, they have Excel spokes already.

When you say "bigger" yz's are you talking 250F's and 450F's or just the 450?

Always thought this was a handy article and it sounds like what you're looking for. Quick and Dirty Wheel Lacing

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