cutting out

WR450F 2005 Finally got to 5th gear about half throttle, starting cutting out, otherwise bike runs great. Anybody know why this is happening, maybe some of you street legal guys have experienced this?

Could be running rich so try lowering the needle one or two clip positions (raise the clip on the needle).

After doing a search I think it is the tps causing my revving problem

i agree the tps will do it in 5th under a steady throttle, try disconnecting it and see how it goes

How does the TPS affect onlt 5th gear?

its the most noticeable because in 5th the engine is under the most load, at a steady throttle, do a search, they did a dyno, and found out it was the tps.

I ride mine high speed all the time, I don't experience any cutting out or surging.

I have not touched the tps at all.

My guess if your needle is in the wrong position.

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