Big bore vibrations 650r

Having only 300klm's on my 650r i am still getting my head around how this bike behaves in the engine department. Its uncorked with 15\48 gearing. The bike seems to run smooth plodding along at low revs in any gear and smooth when you nail the top end. The bit in the middle is the bit i have trouble with. There is a piont in the rev range where the bike starts to vibrate and send weird messages through the bars like the bike is saying " please just ring my neck or back off"! I am just wondering is this just a tuning thing or is it just normal for a bike like this.

What exactly has been uncorked on the bike? In other words what's your jetting, elevation, air filter etc. like? All in all if it's giving you that vibration than shift and lug the next gear. I personally have 14/50 gearing which is much lower than yours. I cruise in 3rd in the trails all day long like it was a car in (D) drive.

I just picked up an '05 650R. Only have 20 miles on it, but I have the same feeling. Low end and top end go baby go. In the mid range the bike kinda says poop or get off the pot. Still getting used to the upgrade from a xr400r to the bigger bike.

I don't really notice it like you guys are saying. Maybe you need some new bars. The stock steel bend-o-matics will transfer vibrations more than a nice set of aluminum ones. Get some decent grips too. I know the 650R has a counterbalancer setup specifically to decrease vibration from the engine. Don't worry about riding at a certain rpm or speed for long periods(after it's broken in!) as this is what the bike was designed for.

I had the same felling on my XR600, it turned out to be the skid plate vibrating.

After I put a piece of foam between the motor and skid plat it went away.

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