Pro Moto Spark Arrestor? Any Good?

What's up?? Any buddy use the Pro Moto Spark Arrestor on their stock system? And what about the noise insert from pro moto? I looked in the forums with no luck. I ride trails and need these for my 2000 yx426. Any mods needed after putting these on the bike ie:jets.

The system is nice and is a cinch to install if you have the tools (a good electric drill and rivet gun) The stock system is already a great system, the Promoto setup just allows it to be legal in non race environments. My bike has a ported head, aftermarket valves and a big bore kit (420 wiseco) and the promoto modified stock pipe is a great compliment. By the way, the money savings is awesome! :banghead:

I use the Pro-Moto on my YZ450F, and it smooths the power out considerably, as well as making the bike quiet. When I first put it on , my buddy thought I did something to the suspension because the bike was coming out of corners better-not twisting/loading the chassis as much. I use it all the time-never take it out.

I have a 2000 yzf426 that i put the pro moto billet spark arrester and quiet insert in and i didnt have to change anything. I havent had a problem with it at all yet. And their easy to install.

Thanks for the replys. Going shopping this weekend and riding next weekend :banghead:

Pro moto billet spark arrestor is 104.00 on e bay ,new..

Pro moto billet quiet insert is 28.00 on e bay also new...

I have one of the quiet inserts from this company. I paid 50 cents at a garage sale for it. If someone needs it, shoot me an e mail.

I have no use for it. I bought it because it wa cheap. I will sell it for my cost plus postage.

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