Now you guys are in trouble!!

Here in SF all the cops driver DRZ's.

Here in SF all the cops driver DRZ's.

I was just down to your city and I think a DRZ-SM would make more sense.

What a cluster #####!!! :banghead:

Its for OFF-ROAD enforcement.

Just so long as it doesn't have the mods, everyone should be able to outrun it.

It still has the deathwings, too!


Hehehe, I remember when Carlsbad hired a bunch of retired MX racers to keep us from riding at Batiquitos lagoon. They gave them sweet two strokes to chase us with. Those of us with 4 strokes would just hit the hills and watch the "police" try to climb after us. Pretty funny! This sounds like a similar thing.

Chances are, these bikes are going to be used to scout drug zones more than chase errant bikers. Sort fo like the lagoon thing. The Carlsbad chasers were supposedly there to keep us from riding on a "Preserve" (which is covered by housing now). I think they were actually trying to keep pot growers from taking over.

By the looks of the pictures, they have not even yanked the smog off them. I wonder if they are going to paint them?

I actually helped a cop around here learn ride a bike. I learned later it was so they could start patrolling a local riding spot.

Its a bummer but he gave my friend and I a Get out of jail card. All we have to do is say his name and he promised it wont be an issue.

I used to ride a CBR900rr and saw a picture long ago of a European CBR900rr (fireblade) with a sidecar and all the lights and sirens on it...was funny

and sorta "sickly" cool :banghead:

They should atleast do some basic smog/pipe/steering mods to at least have more power and handling if they wanna play with our types..

he he


No shot gun holder ? Or donut holder ?

Wow! That taillight assembly has the drz out uglied by a mile! :banghead:

Here in SF all the cops driver DRZ's.

side-saddle ??


Well they won't be chasing anybody through the sand with those whimpy tires. The officers better have long legs or be used no not touching the ground.



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