looking for 2004 wr450 factory manual

does anyone have one to sell. i bought an '04 and the dude didnt have the manual. thanx

E-bay! You will probably find both the hard copy and a CD Rom :banghead:

Good Luck!

actually im looking for the OWNERS manual that you get with the bike when you buy it.

Not the Yamaha shop manual? I think were still talking about the same thing, coiuld be wrong though. :banghead:

does anyone have one to sell. i bought an '04 and the dude didnt have the manual. thanx
Sure he does, he just didnt give it to you. You can probably buy your original one from ebay right now. I dont know why people keep the manuals if they sell the bike. I guess its the felling of getting something for free, even if they have no use for it. I bet those manuals end up in the same place as all the missing spare tires and car jacks from used cars always being sold without them. Why people think they must keep something they have no use for...

I CANT STAND THAT. :banghead:

You can download the entire '03 WR450 manual here:->


The '04 is not much different aside from the torque limiter on the starter drive. Also the owners manual and the shop manual are one and the same.

Search ONLINE SERVICE MANUAL, of any of those words. If you dont mind just storing

the manual on CD, there are some great links posted in there for most all bikes. Its been all I have used granted, I have to print what I need and take it to the bike. And its FREE, Thanks members

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