Carb jetting questions

I'm doing the AIS removal kit, and the free mods and have gotten everything done except the pilot jet replacement and needle replacement. The carburator looks like a mess to get to, and before I disassemble the entire bike, are there any tips to getting enough access for needle replacement and new pilot jet? Also, the manual says to not remove TPS (throttle position sensor)'s position is marked, any reason I can't pull it off and put it back where it was since it's on a pretty short lead, or is it's position that sensitive...?

Any tips for a newbie?

No tips, just pull the seat and tank and then the carb. I like to pull the throttle cable off and pull it out the left side, some do it differently, your choice. The TPS isn't supposed to be removed from the carb itself, but you can unclip the little connector where it's zip-tied to the frame. It gets easier the more you do it, and you'll probably get some practice as you tune your jetting. I can do a full jet/needle change in under 15 minutes if I take my time...SC

Pull Seat and tank, disconnect throttle cables from carb, disconnect TPS from Carb (I have had no problems taking it out and putting it back in :banghead: ) remove the cinch straps holding the carb (inlet and outlet), you then can either twist the whole carb and do the work like that (its tight!) or pull all the hoses and remove the whole thing. I prefer to do the twist and save some time with removing/replacing all the hoses.

For me, 1 hour, i shot teq & 1 beer.

Maybe your first time pull the whole thing and check it out, find out where all the jets are ect..

Don't forget the # 40 Leak Jet, makes a big difference.

Thanks guys! I'll try it tonight. I couldn't imagine why you can't pull the TPS, since there's a replacement and adjustment procedure back in section 7 of the manual...I may pull it, then put it back on with the paint marks lined up, and check the output voltage to see if it is still in I'll know for next time.

It's so easy to disconnect the leads for the TPS, and it is very position sensitive. Don't add to your headaches. leave it on the carb.

Just to follow up...I did the new needle and pilot jet, and removed the TPS and put it back with the paint marks lined up. I then checked the output voltage per the procedure in the was off, even though it certainly appeared to be positioned right where it was before I removed it. Yes the TPS is sensitive, but it was easy to bring the output voltage back to spec. And, I didn't measure it before I removed it, so it's entirely possible that it was off from the factory.

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