YZ throttle stop

Is the YZ throttle stop screw (to modify the WR 450) available from the TT store? I couldn't find it there.

It's available from the OEM TT store, but you have to pay a $10 membership fee from there, and plan on about 2 weeks from order to arrival.

If that's the only OEM part you are going to order, dealer might be a better place.

I got one at the hardware store for .45 cents.

Carb parts are not available from the TT store yet. Get it from your local Yamaha dealer, p/n 5JG-14591-00-00. You can order it from Zanotti's for $7.50...SC

Thanks. I checked Zanotti's--the shipping is $8.84. Might as well treck to the ole Yamaha dealer! Thanks again for the help--gotta my WR unleashed!

The shipping from Zanotti's will kill ya' on one item, but if you have a big order of 5 or more, I've found them to be the way to go...SC

I just followed the instructions in the free mod list and shortened the stock screw. You will never replace the stock length screw; so why buy something you already have? My opinion is that free is the best deal.

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