200 wr 400 runs poorly at high rpm

i need some help with my 200 Wr 400. it has has been sitting a while and i replaced the gas. when im ideling i grab the throttle and it dies even after its warmed up. also in any gear if im running it at high rpms in any gear it spits and sputters. any ideas? :banghead:

i took the carb apart and made sure the jets were clean and the diaphrams were working. i have never adjusted the valves but it ran fine the last time i rode it. is there any air ports that could get clogged by insects?

sounds like the accelerator pumps not working

are you talking about when you crack the throttle??? what gas did u replace it /w/?

Sounds like maybe a main jet being plugged. I don't think its going to be an accelerater pump if it does this at steady RPM. Make sure all the little passage ways in the carb blow easily with carb cleaner.

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