How often should you repack a muffler?

I have a FMF Ti-4 and i have had it for one season and i was wondering, howoften should i repack it and what should i look for to know when to repack it. :banghead:


I would say you are probably overdue :lol: I have the same exhaust and I at least check it every 3 months. I ride about 3-5 hours every week in the summer and about 10 hrs a week once dune season hits. In one year I have repacked mine 3 times. It couldnt be an easier with that Ti 4 pipe. About a 15-30 min job. Worst part is messin with silicone :applause: FMF packing is about $10, make sure you buy the right packing specific for the Ti 4 pipe. Directions are on the back of the packaging.

1. loss of power, feals like a fouled plug

2. really loud two stroke sound

3. runs like total s#&t

Check it when you get a chance, its EZ :banghead:

White Bros will tell every 10-20 hrs of use. Although that sounds excessive to me

Fmf Is Every 20-30 Hours With Normal Use

Thanks guys looks like i got some work to do never relized how over due i am all thoughs symptoms you told me feels like a fouled plug, loss of power...etc feels exactly like that.

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